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  • All exterior glass scrubbed and cleaned
  • Exterior window frame cleaned
  • Guaranteed streak free clean


  • All interior glass scrubbed and cleaned
  • Interior window sills wiped clean
  • Interior window track detail cleaning
  • PLUS everything included in Basic


  • All tracks vacuumed and scrubbed
  • Screen deep cleaning
  • PLUS everything included in Deluxe AND Basic

Additional Services

While we are at your home we can help you with these additional offerings.

Solar Panels +$4.99/ea

Let us increase your solar panel efficiency with a pure water cleaning.

Screens +$2.99/ea

A clean window isn't pristine without a clean screen.

Skylights +$14.99/ea

Allow more light into your home with an exterior skylight cleaning.

Shower Doors +$249.99/ea

Removal of mineral deposits from shower glass including application of protective treatment.

Screen Repair +$19.99/ea

Remove old screen from frame and install new screen.

Jalousie Windows +$24.99/ea

If you'd like these cleaned they are an addition to our regular packages charged per window frame.

Sliding Screen Door Repair +$39.99/ea

Replace old screen on sliding door with fresh new screen. Includes pickup, delivery and re-installation if required.

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48 Hour Rain Guarantee

If rain causes your windows to appear dirty up to 48 hours after we've serviced your property, we'll come back and re-clean them for you for free.

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