Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your question answered below, we'd be happy to answer any of your questions over the phone or by email.

  1. What is Squeegeed?
  2. Squeegeed is a window and solar panel cleaning company located on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. We service most accessible parts of the island. Our focus is ease of online booking of our services, price transparency, premium service with an exceptional customer experience.

  3. What date should I choose?
  4. Pick a date that you have some flexibility on and if there are any schedule conflicts a representative of Squeegeed will call you and find an alternative date that may work with you. We appreciate atleast 48 hours notice of requiring service.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
  6. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards from our website or over the phone. We prefer you to use our website first as it is the most secure way for us to accept payment. Your payment details will always be encrypted when passed to our payment processor.

  7. When will my card be charged for service?
  8. Your card will be charged after the cleaning service has been fully rendered. A day before the service an authorization will be made on the card which may come up as a charge at some banking institutions. The price of the service may vary based on the service representatives count of your window panes at your home. Our service representative will notify you of any changes to price before the job is started.

  9. Do I need to be home at the time of my window or solar panel cleaning?
  10. We may need access to the inside of your home to remove screens or to be able to perform work based on your selected service. If your selected package includes interior window cleaning, then we would require entry into your home. Simply place access instructions in the notes of your booking. If you provide us entry instructions, you don't need to be at home.

  11. How do I count my windows?
  12. We suggest you count all full windows in your home and multiply by 2. This will give you a good idea of a price for your entire home. Our counting technique is based on the actual amount of panes of glass. If the glass is in bad condition there may be additional costs to treat it properly, however, it isn't required that we correct any glass issues. Our window service technician will notify you of any pricing changes before performing work.

  13. Do you offer kama'aina discounts?
  14. Our website booking form will allow you to sign up for recurring window cleaning service. You can choose from your desired cleaning interval and receive a discount based on that. We offer discounts from 5% to 30% off. You can view our discounts on our booking form.

  15. How can I tip the window or solar panel cleaners?
  16. We will never expect a tip; however, if you feel our team deserves a tip please place cash in an envelope and give it to them before they leave, or, if you aren't home leave it in a common area and write "Squeegeed" on it. You may also call in after your service is complete and we can apply a tip to the total with the card we have on file for your account.

  17. How do I sign up for recurring service?
  18. Signing up for recurring window cleaning service is as easy as selecting the frequency of your desired cleaning interval on our booking form. We offer Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, and Annual cleaning intervals.

  19. How can I reschedule my recurring service?
  20. You can reschedule the date of your service up to two days prior to the actual appointment. Simply login to your account at our website and select the bookings page from the drop down menu. There you will be able to see any upcoming bookings and modify the date. If you would like for us to reschedule it for you, simply give us a call or send us an email.

  21. Can I cancel my recurring service?
  22. Yes, you may cancel at anytime. Simply login to your account and select "Recurring Plans" from the drop down menu and you will be able to cancel. We'll be sad to see you go, but, hope to earn your business again in the near future!

  23. Does Squeegeed carry insurance?
  24. Yes, we carry an insurance policy that will cover any damages while our service technicians are on your property. In the event of an accident you can rest assured we'll take care of you and make sure everything is right.

  25. How do you determine your pricing?
  26. Our pricing is determined based on the amount of window panes and which cleaning package you select. We understand there isn't a one size fits all service and we offer you multiple options based on your needs. Our service packages are located on our interactive booking form. You can enter your information and see our pricing.

  27. What if I'm unhappy with your service?
  28. Please, contact us right away. We like to remedy any situations as soon as possible and want to make sure you're happy with our service. We'll come back out and re-clean for free, our service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  29. Can I cancel my booking?
  30. You may cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the appointment by logging into your account at our website and going to the "Bookings" page. On that page you will be able to see your scheduled bookings and cancel. We set our schedule based on our 48 hour cancellation policy and there will be a cancellation fee of $50 if you must cancel within the 48 hour period before the set appointment.

  31. Do I need to prepare for my window cleaning?
  32. If you are only having exterior service completed, we just ask for you to move any outdoor furniture away from windows. If your service included interior work, please remove any fragile items away from the windows. Our service technicians will delicately move your items away from windows; however, we would prefer not to have the possibility of accidentally causing damage to your belongings.

  33. Do you offer commerical window and solar panel cleaning service?
  34. Yes. However, due to the potential size of the job, we prefer to visit the site to quote commercial work based on your requirements. Please email or call us to schedule a time to visit and see what the job may entail. We can then provide you a quote within 24 hours.

  35. Do you perform glass restoration type services?
  36. We can do Stage 1 corrosion and haze correction on your untreated window glass. This service is extra and our service technician can make a judgement call while on your property and notify you of additional costs.

  37. It rained on my windows within 48 hours and a few look dirty again, how do I have you come out and re-clean?
  38. Please call or email us and we will squeeze you into our schedule as soon as possible.

We have you covered with two guarantees

Satisfaction 7970523b875be5421cc59d6e503d203256dea1f8125c7548d08d357621210498
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work. If you are unhappy for any reason we will come back and re-clean for free!

Rain guarantee 33dc20552e38dfb0f49de54762f6625cc4dfe306a995ea4b89806629a4517cf8
48 Hour Rain Guarantee

If rain causes your windows to appear dirty up to 48 hours after we've serviced your property, we'll come back and re-clean them for you for free!