Before Glass Restoration

  • Surface of glass has mineral depositing
  • Mineral depositing makes glass look cloudy
  • Feels scaly to touch
  • Glass cannot be made clear with cleaning no matter how hard you scrub
  • Requires professional tools to be corrected

After Glass Restoration

  • Surface of glass is free of mineral depositing
  • Glass is crystal clear and almost unnoticeable
  • Surface of glass feels smooth to touch
  • General cleaning can work to keep glass clear
  • Leave it to the professionals to get your glass back to how it should look

Your glass is supposed to be clear

We offer a range of glass restoration services that aren't listed on our booking page but, may be added to any regular window cleaning service. These services include our $249.99 flat rate shower door mineral removal, mineral removal on glass panes and light scratch removal on glass panes.

Glass is a porous surface and will accumulate minerals from your tap water causing it to look cloudy. The water here in Hawaii has different particulate matter readings in different areas of the island. If your water is on the harder side, you have higher risk for causing mineral damage by getting tap water on your window panes or glass surfaces.

Mineral depositing is easy to spot, you will normally notice that your windows or glass surfaces aren't clear. If you cannot remove it with a normal window cleaner then you can be certain that it needs professional correction.

$249.99 Flat Rate Shower Door Mineral Removal

Nobody likes a shower door that looks cloudy and not clean. With our flat rate shower door mineral removal service we strive to get your shower glass as back to clear as possible. While we cannot fix etching, if your mineral depositing is light we can make a huge difference in having your shower really shine. If you're planning to list your home for sale, this is a service that will improve the showability of your property!

Glass Mineral Removal

We can correct mineral depositing on your window panes. Many windows get hit by hose and/or sprinkler water which you may think isn't harmful to your windows. If you like to see out of your windows it's important to correct the glass and fix the sprinkler from spraying your window. Unless you like replacing windows regularly?

Starts at $75.00 per hour at 1 hour minimum.

Light Scratch Removal

After performing mineral deposit removal glass will naturally show pre-existing imperfections; these could be fine scratches left by others trying to remove depositing with non-standard methods. We offer light scratch removal to ensure your glass is in its finest condition for maximum shine.

Starts at $35.00 per hour at 1 hour minimum.

We have you covered with two guarantees

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work. If you are unhappy for any reason we will come back and re-clean for free!

Rain guarantee 33dc20552e38dfb0f49de54762f6625cc4dfe306a995ea4b89806629a4517cf8
48 Hour Rain Guarantee

If rain causes your windows to appear dirty up to 48 hours after we've serviced your property, we'll come back and re-clean them for you for free!